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Chicken and Vegetable Dinner for Happy Hormones

Home made chicken dinner that satisfies the craving for Chinese Food Take-Out. One Large Onion 4 Carrots, sliced diagonally One Head of Cabbage, Red or Green (Bok Choy is a great option as well) 2 pounds of boneless chicken (thighs work best) Coconut Aminos

Ginger, (Ground or freshly grated)

Garlic powder

Sesame oil (optional) to desired taste Start by adding onions to pot, with a bit of olive oil. Cook about 5 min,

Add chicken thighs cut into bite size pieces

Add spices and coconut aminos. Use enough coconut aminos to make a broth like sauce to cook the chicken.

Add the vegetables to the pot and stir

Add more coconut aminos if desired to taste. Cover and let cook until vegetables are cooked.

Serve over bed of rice or your favorite GF noodle.

Picture coming soon !

This recipe is also great for those who want to work on hormone balance.

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Heidi White
Heidi White
Jul 02, 2021

I made the Chicken and vegetable dinner for happy hormones and it was delicious! My husband and I just loved it!

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